Dressage Island Rider Rep Nominations

Published 03 January 2018

It's that time of year again when the Annual Riders meeting will be held at each island championship.

NI at Clevedon 19/20 January and SI at CHC NEC 26/28 January (Day, time and location TBC)

Riders are invited to nominate their island representative to the national committee where the rep can advocate on riders behalf and contribute to the development of the sport.

Rider rep nominations close on 15th January with the Dressage Sport Manager

Rider Rep Nomination Form

If you have a topic you would like discussed at the Rider meetings, to enable the riders reps to collate any information for you, please contact them in advance. Items may also be directly raised at the meetings.

SI - Jude Nickolls  (judenickolls@gmail.com)

NI - Alicia Zee (alicia.zeludko@gmail.com)



a.   North and SouthIslandRiders’ Representatives will be elected annually by riders attending the

Riders’ Meetings held at the North and South IslandChampionships;

 b.   The two Riders’ Representatives will hold a position on the Committee.

 c.  The Riders Representative will organise and Chairthe Riders’ Meeting at their respective Island


 d.   Any rider over18years who is a current financial ful lmember of ESNZ may speak at the Riders’


 e.   A parent or guardian may speak on behalf o fa current financial full member of ESNZ under18 years subject to the parent or guardian being a Full or Community Member of ESNZ.