Volunteer of the Month

June 2015

Jayden Fowler

VOM Pic.jpg

Nomination for Volunteer of the Month is Jayden Fowler.

11 year old Jayden is an enthusiastic volunteer at so many events over the season. His favourite job is being a runner where he gets to put his limitless energy to good use.


Jayden genuinely enjoys his job. Being a runner means that Jayden is responsible for taking the ride out times from the caravan to the start/finish and bringing back the recorded start/times for the caravan people to keep record. As well he will also run information between the secretary and the various work crews. He is very pro-active when it comes to looking for more work as he likes to be constantly busy! Sometimes he even works through his breaks (like at nationals where he had to be forced to have his lunch as he wanted to keep working).


Jayden is involved with endurance riding as there are three generations of his family involved. His Mum Joanne is a hard & fast competitor over the longer distances as his is Grandmother Maureen. Jayden also rides and has now graduated to his second pony, a pretty part Arab mare called “Mizraim Glamour & Glitz”. He likes riding her because she is fast! This year he got to ride at The National championships in the 40km junior novice event and really enjoyed riding his pony and making new friends. Then on the days he wasn’t riding he was thrilled to be asked to work as a runner.


When he is not riding endurance rides, Jayden also enjoys playing polocrosse and doing some jumping with Glitz. He also enjoys riding his motorbike, deer hunting and duck shooting with Anton. Anything to burn off his excess energy!

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