Entry Form Changes

ESNZ Competitor entry forms

ESNZ has developed a new Competitor entry form which displays both rider and equine details on one form. This replaces the previous separate Entry form and Equine Stickers.

The new forms can be printed off the Membership portal found bottom of this page ( Login button is above the colour band below)

A login is required for this and can be set up by contacting ESNZ via nzef@nzequestrian.org.nz or phoning 04 4998994.

Please note:

  • The downloadable entry forms can only be downloaded using Internet Explorer, we are currently trying to expand the number of platforms available to download these.
  • An equine must be attached to your profile for it to show, for example you must be the Rider, Primary Owner, Owner or Person Responsible. If an equine isn't showing please contact ESNZ to add your name as rider of the Equine.
  • Each person will require there own login details, i.e Person A cant download Person B's entry forms with Person As' login details

For instructions on how to download the forms please click here.

For a member portal guide click here