Introductory Membership

ESNZ Introductory Membership

Becoming an ESNZ introductory member ($40) entitles the member to a range of benefits including:

  • Receive various e-Newsletters (both ESNZ & Discipline specific);
  • Ability to compete in introductory level competition at ESNZ shows/events
  • The right to register a horse or to be a registered owner
  • Access to discounts provided from ESNZ partners/Supporters.
  • Use of the National Equestrian Centres in Taupo and Christchurch

Who needs to be an introductory member?

  • Riders participating in ESNZ Introductory level activity/competitions
  • One owner of all ESNZ registered equines
  • All ESNZ office holders including Board, Discipline Boards, Sub-Committees, NEC Committees & Area Groups
  • Members of ESNZ area groups/clubs (voting)

Please checkout the ESNZ Guide for New Members, if may help you decide if an introductory membership is right for you