2015 Jumping & Show Hunter AGM Awards

The criteria for the 2015 Jumping and Show Hunter Awards that will be presented at the AGM are as follows:

Jumping and Show Hunter Shows of the Year

Nominations must provide a brief outline of why the nominated Jumping or Show Hunter show should be considered. 

Shows may have had the following qualities:

  •          Friendly atmosphere
  •          Good range of classes with all levels catered for
  •          Takes into consideration the responsibilities to acknowledge and promote sponsors, and provides a good experience for supporters and spectators
  •          Well organised event
  •          Followed protocol e.g. rules, all registrations current etc


Jumping and Show Hunter Volunteers of the Year

 Nominations must provide a brief outline of why they believe the nominee should be considered. 

 Nominees have displayed the following qualities:

  •          Large number of hours put into the sport
  •          Conduct themselves in a friendly and positive manner
  •          Always willing to lend a helping hand
  •          Goes beyond the call of duty


Fair Play Awards for Jumping and Show Hunter

The nominees must be a current member of ESNZ.  The Fair Play recipient epitomises all the characteristics of good sportsmanship and integrity within our sport.  Nominations must provide a brief outline of why they believe the nominees should be considered.  This award is open to all competitors (Jumping and Show Hunter) and officials.


Show Hunter Course Designer of the Year

The nominee must be on the current ESNZ Course Designer list.  Nominees must provide a brief outline of why they believe the nomination should be considered. 

Applicants may hold the following qualities:

  •          Approachable & friendly
  •          Well organised
  •          Designed a course that was technical and challenging to ride yet complied with the design parameters for a Show Hunter course.


The Jumping and Show Hunter Awards are now open for nomination via the following link:


Voting is open to all ESNZ members. 

Voting will close on Thursday 5th June 2015.